“Evolution of the Greek Mind” – Assignment 2

Here’s a copy of the weekend’s homework, due Monday, 9/26. The reading continues from where you left off in your binders, beginning with “The Birth of Philosophy” heading (p. 19-25).

 MAKE SURE your answers come from the text. Try to put things in your own words, but don’t rely too heavily on outside sources; remember, the dictionary/internet is for those terms Tarnas does not necessarily explain fully in the text. It’s also a good idea to compare the definition you find on the internet with the way the word appears in the text – does it make sense, or do you need to do more research?

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Greek Tragedy supplement

Here’s a copy of the class handout from Aristotle’s Poetics (c. 335 BCE).

Aristotle – Poetics (excerpts)


Though it is NOT required for class, for those interested, the full text of Poetics is available online:


Prehistoric Art Slides

Here are the images & slide list for our Prehistoric Art unit – not all of these are included in our art books, so you might need them to study later in the semester.  If anyone has trouble opening the Power Point document because of compatibility issues, leave a comment and I can also provide the images separately on another post.

Prehistoric Art slide list & terms


Prehistoric Art