FINAL Tarnas! “Socrates” and “The Platonic Hero”

At last! We’ve reached the end of our sojourn through Tarnas’s chapter. Excellent debate today in class – and I hope the significance of (and controversy about) the ideas of these sections allow you to look past Tarnas’s writing style. (By the way, if you look to the painting at the site’s heading, Plato is the middle guy, red robes, pointing upwards.)

Terms and questions below! (Due Monday.)

Tarnas: “Evolution of The Greek Mind from Homer to Plato” – Socrates & Platonic Hero


1) Terms:


ignorance (for S.)

essence (for S.)





Socratic method






2) Choose any two other words in this section that you do not know. Record their definitions, too.


3) How does Socrates differ from the Sophists? How do his ideas alleviate some of the concerns that Sophist thought raised?


4) Explain the way in which archetypes or “universals” factor into Socratic thought. (Connect to “essence”). How do Plato/Socrates reconnect with some of the earlier, mythic traditions?


5) Explain the complicated relationship between Socrates/Plato. Who are they? How does Plato make our knowledge of historical Socrates difficult to verify? As far as we can tell, do their philosophies differ in any ways?





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