Flood Narratives

Both the Gilgamesh and Ovid flood narratives were photocopied from books, but those of which I have digital copies – The King James Bible and the Koran – are attached here, along with the compare/contrast chart.

The King James Bible: Genesis, Chapters 6-9

The Koran: Hud 11:25-11:49

Flood – Compare/Contrast Chart


Ovid – Book XIV


Due Friday, 12/9:

1)   In what ways does Ovid put a distinctly Roman spin on traditional Greek epics and “history”? What does Ovid choose to highlight in these episodes – specifically in contrast to works like The Odyssey – and how do these emphases contribute to an overall Roman theme?


Due Monday, 12/12 

2)   Revisit your lists/categories of the types of transformations Ovid depicts in this epic. Are there any categories or elements of these transformations that predominate in Book XIV? Why do you think these trends exist, and how do they unify these different episodes?



Ovid – Book I Final Responses

Due Monday, Dec. 5.

1)   What essential “human” questions do these myths seek to answer? (Choose a few major ones to focus on.) What meaning do these answers give to human life, if we were to accept them?

2)   Using examples from your organized list, why is the process of transformation significant in life, history, and mythology/religion? Can you connect these ideas to any contemporary examples of significant “transformations”?


MAKE SURE you have a topic sentence for both responses and use concrete examples or quotes to back it up. This is where your charts will come in handy.  I anticipate about one page response for each – try not to go over two pages for any one question. As you are completing these over a weekend, I prefer typed responses.

***Turn in your chart with your responses on Monday.