Dante’s Inferno

Due Tues. 1/10

1) Contrast the way Dante introduces and interacts with Paolo and Francesca (Canto V, lines 90+) with his depiction of Bocca degli Abbati (Canto XXXII, lines 76+). Decide how and why you believe these differences occur – consider the nature of the characters’ sins and Dante’s overall attitude toward sin/Hell to help you. (Use specific examples from each canto, and reference endnotes for clarifications!)

2) Consider the overall hierarchy of sin Dante depicts in this excerpt: Limbo, The Carnal, and the three levels of the ninth circle (Treacherous to Kin, Treacherous to Country, and Treacherous to their Masters). Also consider that in the allegory, the closer the crime is the Satan, the worse it is, and the worse the eternal punishment.

  • In a clear topic sentence, decide what you believe to be Dante’s overall values concerning (im)morality. Then, using examples from this hierarchy, explain why these sins are ranked as they are, clearly explaining how they imply this overall values system.

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