Welcome to Humanities II – Spring 2012

Welcome to Humanities! We’ll begin this course with a study of the Renaissance, including artists, architects, sculptors, writers/philosophers, and scientists of the era – spanning the 1400s to the 1600s in Europe. Our course will progress up to the 20th century and the present day, where we’ll see how different today’s art and philosophies are from the past – and the ways in which they are still the same.

This site will contain outlines of assignments (usually identical to class handouts), and can be a great resource in case you’ve lost handouts or need to study come finals. At times, I’ll also post interesting tidbits and supplements that, while not required course material, fit well with our discussions or show alternate perspectives of a given era/idea. I will also upload all slides of artwork here, and in that way, this site can function as your “textbook” resource for those materials that I can’t easily photocopy or distribute to you otherwise.

Feel free to leave comments at any time, or email me with more specific questions. If you ever need contact information, look to the “Course Info” link in the sidebar.

Looking forward to our semester!

-Ms. P


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