Works Cited

Feel free to copy and paste the citations below for your Works Cited page – but be sure to ONLY use those which you quote in the paper! Also, be sure this part of the document has appropriate formatting, as follows:

1. Works Cited centered at the top

2. Sources listed in alphabetical order, according to author’s last name

2. Select the text of the citations

3. Select “Format” from the menu bar

4. Select “Paragraph” from the drop-down menu

5. Find the drop-down menu for “Special” on the window that opens. The default says (none). Select “Hanging” instead.

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Last Quote Reflection & Edison FIlm

You will get the majority of your quote reflections back this week – be sure to keep these. The prompt for the most recent one is below, for those of you who had absences last week. You should have four in total – and your writing has improved by leaps and bounds over the course of completing these reflections! Be sure to recycle any great ideas in final papers!

Frankenstein Ch. 16-19

Also, we watched Thomas Edison’s 1910 film version of Frankenstein in class on Friday – be sure to watch the following if you weren’t there!

This Week’s Frankenstein Reflections

A Block:

Frankenstein 14-16

B Block:

Frankenstein 12-15

Both classes will read through chapter 19 for Thursday, March 15.

IF YOU WERE ABSENT this week, please see me in addition to downloading these documents. There is a photocopied handout with Frankenstein supplements that you will need, as well. (Godwin’s An Enquiry Concerning Political Justice, Byron’s “Prometheus,”  Hazlitt’s “Remarks on Paradise Lost,” and Percy Shelley’s Prometheus Unbound and A Defense of Poetry.)

Remember: William Godwin was Mary’s father; Percy Shelley was her husband. Quite the family!

Documents – 3/5 and 3/6

In-class writing prompt for 3/5: Choose one of the passages on the attached document for reflection and analysis.

Frankenstein 5-8

Supplementary reading for 3/6: “The Myth of Prometheus”


Click below for questions to go along with the Prometheus reading (you might need your Paradise Lost packet to help refresh your memory for #1-2). Be sure to give at least a brief explanation of your character choices – you might even come up with a few characters that, depending on your perspective/argument, can fill one role.

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