Crit Rubric

For those of you who are curious, click below for the full paper rubric, complete with explanations/requirements for each category.



____Thesis and Point of View (35)

  • Reflect deep and innovative thinking about the text and topic
  • Communicated clearly in the introduction
  • Relevant throughout the entire paper
  • Demonstrates clear, fully-explained connections to quotes and other textual examples


____Detail and Analysis (35)

  • Paragraphs analyze the text with the aid of quoted material
  • All quoted material is relevant to the thesis and main idea of the paragraph
  • Explanation and commentary accompanies all quoted material
  • Analysis shows creative and innovative interpretations of the text, reflecting your own critical views
  • Analysis shows your comprehension of the text and the literary / historical / cultural traditions related to the piece


____Organization (15)

  • Introduction contains all the relevant information to lead into your analysis, including the thesis
  • Each paragraph demonstrates your analysis of the text according to a specific, main idea
  • The main idea of each paragraph is directly related to the thesis as stated in the introduction
  • A conclusion wraps up the paper without excessive redundancy


____Conventions and Communication (15)

  • Paper follows conventions for literary analysis, including pronoun use, verb tense, and effective quote integration.
  • Writing shows careful proofreading and attention to spelling, punctuation, capitalization, and potential sentence fragments, etc.
  • Writing communicates points in a clear, concise way, free from awkward and vague language.
  • Document is formatted according to MLA requirements, including double spacing, a complete heading, paragraph indents, etc.
  • Citations within the text use the MLA format appropriate to the genre of the quoted text.
  • Works Cited page includes ALL quoted sources, listed in MLA format

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